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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pregnant @ 15

The new generation of teenagers can really shock me. They engage in a lot of unwholesome activities . What really shocked me early this month was the news that a young high school girl of 15 delivered a child. She was a timid girl who keeps to herself. She sits in a far corner of the classroom as I deliver lessons and activities in their class. No one knew she was almost 9 months preganant at the start of the school year. She performed physical activities in her physical educatin classes, such as jogging, long jump, sit ups ang push-ups. I close my eyes as I try to image her in all these activities. The news broke and everyone was shocked. She declared a two-week vacation. We await for her return. More talks about her and how she got pregnant can be heard in the campus and evenin the barangay. No boyfriend and all, she can be a victim of incest for god's sake! She would never tell the real story. She just wants to finish school.

Another news followed, which didn't came as a shock anymore. Another 15 year old high school student in school admits she's 5 months pregnant. The sad thing is. she broke up with her boyfriend a few months ago yet they are now living together. They both dropped out of school now. All they could tink of was that they could have been more responsible and listened to their parents warnings about going out at night and drinking at a very young age.

These are real cases of teenage pregnancy, and they are getting younger. What a pity! I was asked by some students who's fault is it if a girl gets pregnant. And I stand by my opinion when I said to them that it's the girl who is to be blamed. A simple no and lots of self-control could prevent a pregnancy. The girl has the last decision. The students who discussed this issue withme argued further, "What if I really love the boy, maam? And I need to prove my love? " Then I said, "That's what I was saying, the decision is yours, if you say yes, then accept whatever consequences." I then saw something in their eyes, they are willing to take the risk. I thought further and pondered. Are these young people risk-takers? Are they braver than the past generations? Then their idea of being brave is distorted. I rest my case.